Services and Solutions Overview

The Challenge

Assuring information systems and sensitive data are secure plays a critical role in protecting the security interests of the United States. However, federal cybersecurity teams are facing many complex challenges. Organizations must be able to handle the ever-changing information security threat landscape, including Advanced Persistent Threats, while simultaneously meeting shifting regulatory requirements and leveraging advances in information technology.

The stakes of successfully managing and mitigating cybersecurity risks are high. An organization's mission can be compromised and sensitive data can be lost without a complete understanding of the current cybersecurity posture and the application of effective methods to mitigate risk and respond to threats.

The Solution

Strategic advisory

Kratos SecureInfo provides a portfolio of cybersecurity services and solutions specifically developed to improve your security posture and meet regulatory requirements. Our customers views us as a valued partner in effectively mitigating cybersecurity risks, assuring information systems are secure, reducing cybersecurity costs and achieving and demonstrating compliance. Our experts possess unparalleled experience in cybersecurity. The vast majority of our security professionals are cleared at a Top Secret or higher level. Our team averages over 10 years of cybersecurity experience and maintains on average 2 industry certifications.

Kratos SecureInfo Cybersecurity Services and Solutions address every customer's unique challenges. We deliver services and solutions tailored to address your requirements in your environment. Our services are all based on best practices proven through hundreds of successful customer engagements. These services are grouped in the following areas:

Solutions are a combination of services packaged to address a specific challenge. These solutions evolve over time as needed. They currently include:


  • Reduce cybersecurity risk and improve cybersecurity posture today and tomorrow
  • Understand, document and mitigate information security risk
  • Simplify, demonstrate and measure compliance with FISMA and other related standards

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